What's New at DVDG

December 2011

Oh my gosh!  Did we ever have a great time at our Aesthetic Services Open House.  It was so nice of folks to actually thank me for inviting them.  No need. I had a really wonderful evening too.  The food was fabulous thanks to Food For Thought Caterers and everyone loved all the raffles and prizes.  Went off without a hitch except there was no music.  I don't know about you, but I don't think it's really a party without music.  Actually, we did have music, but the providers said they had some difficulty hearing our guest's questions with the music on.  Seems we had a technical difficulty and couldn't turn it down enough to be the great background music we had intended.  Well, you know, not being able to hear our guests/patients is anathema around here.  We're all about listening and being responsive.  So, we had to manage without.  But no one seemed to care, except me.  And, well, I don't count. 

What does matter is that everyone had the the questions answered and left here knowing a great deal more than when they came in.  We raffled off a VI-Peel to one lucky guest, and boy, was she happy about that.  Ladies had their faces made-up, booked their pre-holiday appointments at great rates and went out of here looking like a million bucks.  The wine flowed and so did the laughter.  Just a great night.  If you missed it, don't worry.  We will plan another.  I am thinking, perhaps, the middle of March, but don't hold me to the time just yet. 

On another subject:  We are getting ready to launch our Facebook page, So you can check back here and I'll let you know when i'ts up.  As always, I have lots to say and share with you from Dr. Saruk and Ms. Fitzpatrick.  Can't wait to get started.

And finally announcing LaViv®,  we are pleased to let you know that DVDG is the only practice in Delaware certified to provide LaViv, the first-ever FDA-approved technique for growing your own collagen-producing cells to fill those deep parentheses (the nasolabial folds) that develop as we get older and that make us look so tired.  Up till now Juvederm® had always done the trick beautifully -- and still does --but now those who are uncomfortable injecting something into their faces can relax and look fresher as the only thing going into your body is your very own cells.  Neat trick, huh,  We think so.  We'll be happy to tell you all about it. 

That's it for now. Until next time... Be well. Look Good. 


November 2011

Lots Happening all at once. 

We have new staff:  Renee Harris, Medical Assistant and Jamie Sisifo, Patient Services Coordinator.  Welcome to both.  So far, they're doing great. 

Also, we have begun a little aesthetic work on our office suite.  So please forgive our current appearance.  We are getting new flooring and carpeting in all our common areas, new paint in the reception area and a few new touches just to update our look.  Seems it's not just people who can benefit from a little rejuvenation. 

Speaking of which: Our Continuum of Care Open House is just around the corner.  Here are the latest details.  All the fun starts around 5:30 but don't fret if you can't get here that early: We'll be waiting for you when you do arrive and there will be plenty of food and wine to go around. 

Scroll down to meet our panel of experts and see all the significant savings you can receive on our popular products and services.

Our guest experts include: Georgia Mechlin, renowned Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup, makeup artist.
Keith Thompson from Candela Corporation to introduce you to the versatile V-Beam laser for skin perfecting.
Dan Townsley from Solta Medical, our resource for all you'll want to know about the amazing, skin-tightening,Thermage technology
Lindsay Weindell of Allergan, to answer all your questions about Botox and facial re-contouring with Juvederm
Colleen Champagne, also of Allergan, our expert on your at-home skincare program, including growing longer, fuller lashes with Latisse.

And of course, Dr. Michael Saruk and our Physician Assistant, Ms. Kristen Fitzpatrick who will be covering the topics of sclerotherapy, the VI-Peel -- and providing cosmetic consultations to make sure you know what what is (and is not) right for you. 

Raffles and door prizes will include:

Latisse starter kit;
Vivite Gift Set valued at $295.00;
MP3 player with headphones and case;
VI-Peel valued at $365.00;
Black faux crocodile clutch handbag with travel-size Vivite product sampler set;
Jane Iredale skincare makeup

We will also be doing a demo of the VI-Peel that night on one lucky winner. If you are interested in receiving this revolutionary mid-level peel at the event, please refrain from using any of your glycolic acid, salicylic acid or retinoid products for three days prior.  Then take a chance.  Maybe you'll get lucky.

Also, we are pleased to let you know that as part of this event we will be offering special pricing on our popular services and products. Book your treatment to be sure you get in before the New Year and you can take advantage of the following values:  

Event Pricing:
Juvederm --  $525.00 for first syringe — regularly $600
Botox --$11.00 per unit — reg. $13.00 (min. 20 units)
Thermage  --  $400.00 off the procedure of your choice.
V-Beam -- $50.00 off
VI-Peel --$300.00 regularly $365.00
All Vivite products --Buy 1 get 2nd half-off
All Iredale Skincare Makeup  --  Buy 1, get 2nd half-off
Latisse kits -- Buy 2, pay $95.00 with rebate ($144.00 at checkout)-- regularly $240.00 for two.

Be well. Look good. See you on the 17th.


September 2011

Your invitation is ready and the time has been set: 

Continuum of Care™ Cosmetic Dermatology Open House--
Nov. 17th 5:30 to 8:30pm

Space is extremely limited.  Call or use the Contact Us buttons to reserve your place. 
Click here to view your Open House Invitation


August 2011

SAVE THE DATE:   Thursday evening.  November 17, 2011  Continuum of Care™ Cosmetic Dermatology Event
We are just beginning planning for a Continuum of Care™ Open House which will be held in early November because we want you to look and feel radiant for the holiday season.  Our own Kristen Fitzparick, MMS, PA-C  will host and answer your questions, while famed Jane Iredale makeup artist, Georgia Mechlin, will be on-site  to update your look with pure mineral makeups (the better to help your skin survive the stress and late nights associated with preparing for and enjoying those holiday events).  In addition, experts from Allergan will  give you the inside scoop on Latisse, Botox, your at-home skincare regimen and dermal fillers.  There will be food and fun and more.  Check back here for more details as we prepare to show you not just a great time, but how fabulous great looking skin can make you  feel.   Don't you deserve it?

Dr. Saruk's Radio Interview.  Listen now.
Just recieved our copy of Dr. Saruk's interview with Frank Gregory on WDEL.    Dr. Saruk, who is extremely publicity shy, had to be coaxed into doing it, but he actually had fun and the result was great radio.  Lots of useful information delivered with expertise and style. If you missed the opportunity to listen in on our homepage, you can click below.  Just be aware that Dr. Saruk was the only guest for the full hour show, so you'll want to listen when you have some time to spare.


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July 2011

See You on the Radio.
We are all looking forward to Dr. Saruk's upcoming appearance (if that's the right word) on the radio on Saturday, July 23rd.  Frank Gregory, host of the Saturday morning show, Saturday Hot Spot, on WDEL 1150am News Talk Radio has invited Dr. Saruk to be his guest for a full hour packed with useful information.  You'll learn more about sun protection, skin disorders and cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Saruk will be taking your questions, so tune in and phone in beginning at 11 am on the 23rd.  But please, keep in mind, that Dr. Saruk can only answer general questions and will not be able to speak to the specifics of any individual's medical concerns.


 March 2011

What's new at DVDG?  Just about everything  --
Except the same great quality of care for which we have always been known.

First, let me introduce myself.  I am Louise Link Saruk, Dr. Saruk's wife and the current chief operating officer of Delaware Valley Dermatology Group.  In that capacity, Dr. Saruk has asked me to serve as the voice of the practice and I am delighted to do so.

To begin:  There have been big doings here at DVDG.  It's almost hard to know where to start, but the best news is that we, at last, seem to be settling in to our newly restructured, renovated and  increasingly exciting practice.  

Why all the Changes?
As you know Dr. Saruk and his associates have been serving patients in this region with extraordinary expertise; the highest ethical standards; and unrivaled concern for patient welfare, for a very long time.  He put down roots in Wilmington almost exactly twenty years ago -- with me and our first child (still in utero) in tow.  Like anyplace you call home, over time, a medical practice collects unused stuff, no longer functional routines and the detritus of folks who have shared your home and eventually moved on.  Every now and then everything needs a re-thinking, a clearing out and a freshening and of course, making sure that all is totally up-to-date.  DVDG is no different.  Over the past eighteen months I, and the rest of the administrative staff, have been working dilligently to do just that, leaving Dr. Saruk and our other providers to continue to do what they do best-- looking after the well-being of the people who have trusted themselves to their care. 

The work of improving ourselves will never be done, but we are thrilled with the progress and things do seem to be settling in nicely.

Here's just a taste of what's been happening:

Fond Farewells and New Beginnings
At the beginning of the month, Dr. Minh Thieu gave birth to her second child, a beautiful boy, and let us know that she would not be returning.  She will be missed of course, but we are very fortunate to have an amazingly talented Physician Assistant who comes to us from Penn, Kristen Fitzpatrick, MMS, PA-C.  Ms. Fitzpatrick was well trained in dermatology before arriving at DVDG and has been honing her skills under the watchful and exacting eyes of both Dr. Thieu and  Dr. Saruk ever since.  She has more than exceeded our expectations and you will no doubt feel the same.  To learn more about her click  Kristen Fitzpatrick, MMS, PA-C. 

We have other new staff members as well:  Maria Faverio has now joined Debbie Stanley-Childs and Kathy Lane at our front desk.  In the back, as we call it, our new medical assistants are Ellyn Tesch and Jennifer Rechiutti who have been working alongside Jennifer Arnold for about 4 months now.  We  have worked hard to get together a great team that enjoys each other's company and more importantly, enjoys working together to do the best possible job for you.   There's been a change in the atmosphere and we are sure you will notice the difference. 

Dr. Thieu is not the only new mother.  Keyla and her husband Brent welcomed twins Kyle and Emily this month.  That should keep Keyla busy and out of the office for the forseeable future.  She too will be greatly missed. 

Introducing TELEVOX
Among the differences you will note is our new Televox appointment confirmation system.  We believe this will enable us to communicate with you more effectively and efficiently.  As with anything new that is put in place, there may be kinks and we may need to find better ways to use the system, but we are convinced that it will help us to provide you with even greater convenience.  Please use the Contact Us link to give us feedback. We want to hear from you. 

Spring Rejuvenation for your Face, Decolletee and Hands
This spring we are introducing the VI (that's pronounced vee eye) PEEL, which is a revolutionary new deep offering significant advantages over other peels.  It is virtually pain free, avoids any possibility of burning or scabbing, which are very temporary, but not un-common effects of other peels, and requires little downtime.  Old, tired skin literally sloughs off leaving you with glowing, fresher, healthier skin and skin that is primed to get the most out of your treatment products or any other procedures needed to help you achieve your preferred result.   Please ask about our entire menu of peels to help you decide what would be best for you.  Check out this link to learn more about the VI PEEL.  http://www.kalilmedical.com/Videos/WSVN-DrKalil-Feature-033108.htm#

Also new this spring, are Continuum of Care™ Aesthetic services by private arrangement.  Ms. Fitzpatrick enjoys a good party as much as anybody else and is now offering aesthetic services by special arrangement for gatherings of five or more.  To learn more about Continuum of Care™ offerings click on the Continuum of Care tab on the home page.  To discuss details for your own gathering call me, Louise Saruk, at 302-478-8532.

That's it for now!
I don't want to take too much more of your time.  There will be more news here in the next few weeks, but for now, I urge you to take another look at the various pages of this website.   I am sure you will discover somethings you didn't know before.  And please take a moment to go to the patient education page and read Dr. Saruk's copyrighted discussion of sunscreens.  As we move into the season when we shed more and more of our protective clothing and enjoy the warmth of sun, it is essential to become an expert in the proper selection and use of sunscreens. There's no getting around the need for sunscreens and unfortunately, they are an additional expense for most of us with already strained budgets.  Dr. Saruk wants to make sure that you are getting the protection you are paying for.  Let him be your guide to a skin-safe and cost-effective spring and summer.

Wishing you all a happy Easter and Passover Season.