As healthcare providers our first concern is for your wellbeing.   Not having health insurance shouldn't be a barrier.

We don't want you to forego seeking care when you need it, just because you aren't insured.  You will discover that our fees for self-pay patients are reasonable and affordable for many.  In fact, your dermatological care will likely be less costly than a visit from your electrician or plumber.  Shouldn't you give your body the same level of care that you would give your home?

Here is a sampling of what you might expect in terms of charges when paying out-of-pocket:

New patient visit including a full body skin exam  -- $107.00
New patient visit including a full body skin exam plus a complex presenting condition -- $162.00
Established patient visit -- $71.68

Biopsies, if needed -- $104.66 per lesion
(Pathology lab costs done by an outside lab can be expected to be around $132.00, although it may also be possible here to secure a self-pay discount.  We will request one on your behalf.)
Follow-up visit -- $40.00
In-office procedures such as the removal of a benign growth, warts, and skin tags, etc. -- $225 to $250.00 depending on the skin condition and time needed.

(Contrary to popular supposition, not every mole or suspicious lesion is pre-cancerous and/or needs to be biopsied.  Often, we just need to check it periodically.  We are very conservative in our approach to biopsies, not only because of the cost to you, but to avoid unnecessary scarring.  It is your responsibility, though, to come back to us so that we can follow up.  Having said that, there are times, in the judgement of the provider, when the most prudent action is to do a biopsy immediately.  This is when you must put faith in our ability to do what is best to protect your health as well as your pocketbook. )