Our helpful tips for getting the most benefit from your Baby Foot peel.

Here are some helpful hints found to be useful when using Baby Foot:  

1.  Shower, bathe or soak first. If your feet are “prune-like” to begin with, the absorption is much better!

2.  Put a tight pair of socks over the booties.

3.  Wear them for at least 1 hour. If it is your first time using Baby Foot and/or your feet are pretty bad to start with, keep them on for 90-120            minutes.

4   After the 1+ hour of wearing the booties, remove and discard them. Rinse feet and put onsocks.

5.  Each time you shower or bathe, gently rub your feet at the very end (once the feet are reallysaturated). The dead skin should “roll” off.

6. You can use scissors to trim any hanging skin when you finish your bathing routine each day.

7.  Apply any lotion to the feet when you get out of the shower and immediately put on snug socks (letting your feet get really dry will lengthen        the peeling process).

8. Wear snug socks as much as possible in the days/weeks to follow, including to sleep at night.  Wearing sandals or going barefoot during the     peeling process will elongate the process and it won’t be as drastic as it will be if you wear socks as much as possible.

9.  ENJOY and tell your friends & family about this won