When coming to the office, we ask you to be aware of the safety guidelines we have put in place.  No one may enter the premises without a mask.  Unfortunately, due to limited supplies we are unable to broadly distribute these and ask you to provide your own.  

We are unable to allow any person who is coughing/sneezing or who has a fever to enter the office or to interact with our staff.   If you are coughing or otherwise unwell, please return home to re-schedule your appointment and further, seek appropriate medical care at a primary care services provider. 

-- When entering the office please use the hand sanitizer provided.

-- To allow for necessary social distancing we are asking everyone to check in at the front desk and then, if necessary, to return to their cars to await a call to be taken back to see the provider.  Please make certain that the receptionists have the best cell phone number for this purpose. 

-- Only one person may accompany a child to an appointment.  Adult patients who do not require the presence of another adult to access care may not have anyone else with them in the exam room.
-- We have implemented a social distancing policy for any clients that enter the building. We respectfully ask and require clients to remain 3 feet from the reception desk and 6 feet from any staff member who is ungloved and unmasked as recommended by the CDC. 

-- Our waiting room, unfortunately, we can only accommodate two or three people at a time.  Also, it is not permitted to wait in the building lobby outside our office.  We very much apologize for the inconvenience but when illness is introduced to the office everyone is placed at risk and patient appointments may need to be canceled meaning that patients who have waited for appointments cannot access the care they need.

Be Well. Look Great! Stay Safe!!