Continuum of Care Aesthetic Services

When looks matter most, the informed choose DVDG. 
Those to whom appearance is of paramount importance are increasingly turning to DVDG to help them achieve their skin goals.  At DVDG, we are so very proud to have earned a strong reputation among current and former Miss Delaware USAs.  In 2020 we helped the lovely Katie Guevarra get ready for the national competition. This year, we are working with both Miss Delaware and Miss Delaware Teen.  We can't wait to see Drew Sanclemente and Sky Knox rocking gorgeous skin in their national pageants.  

                            Katie Guevarra, Miss Delaware USA 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Drew San Clemente, Miss Delaware USA 2021 

 Your best result will be achieved through a carefully chosen mix of in-office procedures and at-home care. Let us guide you. Call for a free cosmetic consultation with Raquel Valdez, BS RN, our  Continuum of Care™ aesthetic services director.
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 Wrinkle Relaxers      
(Wrinkle relaxers are sold by the unit.
Due to differences in product formulation, one unit of Botox®® or Dysport® is equivalent in potency to three units of Dysport.)     


  • Botox®  - $13.00 per unit; Minimum initial purchase: 20 units; eligible from Allergan Alle Rewards Points
  • Dysport®   - $4.00 per unit; Minimum initial purchase: 60 units; eligible for Galderma Aspire Rewards Points
  • Juveau® - $11.00 per unit; Minimum initial purchase: 20 units; eligible for Evolus Rewards

    Dermal Fillers

Price indicated is for the first syringe. Take $100 off each additional of the same product.

  • Juvederm® Ultra -             $650.00 for 1 cc syringe.
  • Juvederm® Ultra Plus -   $650.00 for 1 cc syringe.
  • Voluma® -                            $800.00 for 1 cc syringe.
  • Volbella®  -                          $700.00 for first 1 cc syringe; $450.00 for .55 cc syringe.
  • Vollure® -                             $750.00 for 1 cc syringe. 

the above products are from Allergan and are eligible for  Brilliant Distinctions Rewards.  Botox® also qualifies for BD points.

  • Restylane® -                      $550.00 for 1 cc syringe.
  • Restylane® Lyft -              $625.00 for 1 cc syringe. 

the above products are from Galderma and are eligible for Aspire Rewards. Dysport® also qualifies for Aspire Points.

Laser Hair Removal with GentleLase®

Fees vary based on the size of the treatment area.
The minimum fee is $150.00 for a small area such as the upper lip and chin.
Multiple treatments will be needed. Packages are available at reduced cost. Ask your provider.

Aesthetic and Therapeutic Peels

  • Express Peel (Glycolic) $75.00;  $40.00 for established acne patients.
  • Express Peel (Salicylic) -  $65.00;  $35.00 for established acne patients.
  • VI Peel® -                               $200.00; With Precision Booster $225.00.

Skin Tightening/ Facial Contouring

  • INFINI® RF micro needling - $800.00 for treatment of the full face and neck — or, neck and décolletage;
                                                             $600.00 for localized treatment area, i.e., for acne scarring.

  • Kybella® -                                     $1,800.00 for the required two-treatment protocol.
                                                             Qualifies for Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Points.
                                                              In the rare event that a third treatment is desired, the cost will be $700.00.

  • ClearLift® -                                  $250.00  Our most popular.ClearLift tightens and smoothes, painlessly with no downtime.
                                                             See results immediately, and over time. Anticipate six treatments for optimal results
                                                             and an annual treatment for maintenance. Add a Pixel® superficial resurfacing at the same
                                                             visit for the reduced cost for Pixel of $200.00.

Facial Rejuvenation / Resurfacing

  • DOT® Fractional CO2 -          $1,100.00 for the full-face (aggressive); $775.00 for the full –face (moderate);   
                                                             $600.00 for the full- face (light); $400.00 for a small-area localized treatment.
  • Pixel® -                                         Superficial skin resurfacing. $250.00

  • Procell MicroChanneling®      Full face Resurfacing is available in single sessions at $325.00 per treatment or in
                                                                  packages of five treatments for $1400.00.  

Treatment of Discolorations, Facial Spider Veins, and Port Wine Stains

  • VBeam® -          Effective for redness. $200.00 base fee. Cost depends on size of treatment area.
                                  Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the specific concern.
  • MedLite® -        Treats areas of brown/dark discoloration. $200.00 base fee.
                                  Cost depends on size of treatment area.
                                  Multiple treatments may be needed depending on the specific concern.

Cosmetic Consultations are Complimentary

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking for all laser treatments with the exception of INFINI, for which, we require full pre-payment. Six-month interest-free financing is available for all services through Care Credit® Ask your provider.

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