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Skin is our Skill and our Passion.

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AT DVDG, we think of aesthetic services as a natural extension of our continuum of care.  We understand that our responsibility for your well-being is never one-dimensional.  As the specialist in skin health and physiology, no one is more qualified to offer you safe, effective treatment for your aesthetic skin concerns. 

DVDG's aesthetic services are delivered by a talented team of licensed medical professionals working under the direct, in-office,  supervision of our triple-board certified and university-affiliated dermatologist. 

We offer laser rejuvenation, laser hair removal, fractional laser treatment of dark spots and uneven pigmentation, as well as improved tone and tightening.  The Candela V-Beam pulse-dye laser offers impressive and dependable treatment of rosacea, red veins, reddened stretch marks and other skin conditions causing redness. Whatever you choose, you can be certain that your treatments will be safe, appropriate, and in keeping with the very latest research developments. In-office services include chemical peels, at-home skincare regimens, and corrective make-up so that you never have to leave our office feeling unpresentable. We can also help you hide your flaws as you undergo an extended course of treatment.

Patients seeking assistance with their at-home skin care regimen can look forward to thoughtfully selected product recommendations based on a thorough analysis of the skin's condition and appearance. We can help you choose the right products from our continuously updated selection of superb skincare products for at home use.

Some Continuum of CareTM services such as such as botox, peels, skincare regimens and corrective make-up services may be incorporated into your own gathering for five or more by special arrangement. If Interested, please contact Louise Link Saruk at 302-478-8532. It will be a pleasure to design a fun and fabulous afternoon or evening that will make everyone just a little bit happier with the view in the mirror.

 Interest Free Financing now available for some services:        

   We now offer CareCredit®.  For those who qualify, CareCredit® is a credit card that can allow you to finance services and procedures not covered by insurance, particularly cosmetic procedures.  When used properly under the terms of your agreement, CareCredit® can allow you to spread out your payments interest free.  To learn more, speak to one of our patient care coordinators or medical assistants.  Financing is subject to minimums and other restrictions.

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