You can reach us at ( 302) 478-8532
Or via e-mail: [email protected]
or through if you are already under our care.

Established patients should register for our patient portal. They will be sent automatically, but will expire after 72 hours.  If needed, you can get new credentials by emailing "contactus" or phoning.

Sensitive personal information regarding your care should always come to us through our patient portal, "My Patient Visit" -- not the "contactus" mailbox.
The [email protected] address is not encrypted and your privacy cannot be guaranteed.

For your security please do not use this email address to convey any personal information about your health, condition, insurance or other private data.  We call these "Prtotected Health Information". (PHI). Anything you wish us to know that falls under the umbrella of PHI should be submitted through our patient portal which, became active, in mid-November 2021. Access to the patient portal is controlled.  You must be sent an invitation to register for the portal . You may request an invitation through this "contactus" link.

For you safety and ours, we will no longer respond to emails containing PHI that do not come through the patient portal.

Appointment requests should be made by telephone. Appoint ments need to be booked on the phone in real-time. Our services are in demand and appoinntment slots are being filled on a first-come, first-served basis, all day, and cannot be held.  If you ask to be contacted to make an appointment, we are happy to do so, but in most cases, a game of phone tag ensues and you may find that it is an inefficient way to get the appoiintment you need.  We do look forward to providing your care and value your time as well as our own.  Thank you for your understanding.

Visit our office:
3411 Silverside Road
Concord Plaza
Webster Building, Suite 107
Wilmington, DE 19810