Clinical Trials

clinical trial



DVDG participates in clinical trials for both new investigational drugs, and new therapeutic strategies utilizing prescription medicines that are currently FDA-approved. We begin new studies on an irregular basis and welcome your participation, as appropriate.

What you should know about our clinical research studies:
Clinical trials can range anywhere from two months to more than one year in length. Participants must be screened by our investigators in order to be certain that they can qualify. Many times enthusiastic patients who wish to be enrolled in such studies are disqualified from participation because they have certain illnesses or medications which, for safety reasons, would make it impossible to be treated with the drug under investigation. Other factors, such as age or sex, may also prevent participation by some. The benefits of clinical trials for patients include:

  • Access to new medicines and cutting edge technologies for treatment of diseases that have been difficult to manage.
  • No charge for study medicines, related physical exams or lab studies (which may unfortunately be prohibitive under normal circumstances for some participants)
  • Some compensation for travel and time

The negatives for patients include:

  • Risk of potential side effects or adverse events, when taking any new medication
  • The need to comply with normal procedures (such as keeping timely follow-up appointments, etc) and the fact that enrollment may require your participation for as long as a year, sometimes much longer.

We have recently closed out two clinical trials for psoriasis: A Phase III involving a biologic injectable agent and a Phase II trial of an oral medication.