Choosing A Surgeon


Dr. Saruk's three board certifications   --  pathology, dermatology and dermatopathology --  made him  uniquely qualified to bring Mohs Micrographic Surgery to Delaware, when he did so, more than a dozen years ago. 

Dr. Saruk completed a residency in pathology, as well as a fellowship in dermatopathology, both at Yale University, before undertaking his dermatology and dermatologic surgery training at the University of Pennsylvania.  As a result, he is exquisitely trained and experienced in  the microscopic evaluation of tissue of all kinds, and, of course, most particularly, skin tissue.  Therefore, his training and experience is redundant to, and exceeds, that of a Mohs Fellowship-trained surgeon.  This is critically important because in Mohs surgery, the distinguishing aspect of the technique is the repeated evaluation of the patient's excised cancerous tissue under the microscope over the course of the procedure.