What Fillers Can Do For You

If the body had it's own personal fountain of youth, collagen and elastin production would be it. From helping to speed up the healing Fillersprocess for wounds, cuts, burns, sun damage, and acne scarring, young and fresh looking skin is all about the collagen. Along with a healthy lifestyle and a good skincare routine, a clear and youthful complexion needs collagen production to maintain its firmness and glow. But as we age, collagen and elastin production begin to slow down, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles and sagging, brittle skin. Cosmetic (also known as dermal) fillers help to keep your skin looking firm and youthful against the aging process. Dr. Michael Saruk, the dermatologist at Delaware Valley Dermatology Group LLC and the dermatology team provide a number of cosmetic and medical dermatology services in Wilmington, DE.

Look Younger with Dermal Fillers in Wilmington, DE

Fillers work a little differently than Botox, which temporarily paralyzes muscle movements in strategic areas to minimize the formation of lines and wrinkles. Fillers are also an injectable, but they add volume around the mouth and cheeks to "fill out" hollow or sagging skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Fillers use hyaluronic acid, which like collagen is produced by the body and plays an important role in everything from wound healing to that youthful volume in the face.

Like collagen, the body's natural production of hyaluronic acid begins to slow down as part of the aging process. Fillers restore that lost volume, giving your skin an instant "boost" that can last for months at a time.

Some of the benefits of fillers include:

  • Younger, plumper looking skin and lips
  • Hydrated skin, a key to slowing down the appearance of wrinkles
  • Can be preventive
  • Look natural (when applied by a licensed professional and applied in moderation)
  • Results from individual treatments can last for months

When used in conjunction with a good skincare routine, healthy diet and lifestyle, and protection from sun damage, fillers from your dermatologist can make you look and feel your best at any age.

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