The Real Reason Cosmetic Dermatology is "Relevant"

We were unsurprised by an article in yesterday's Washington Post revealing that, in DC, politicians and other power brokers are increasingly reliant on cosmetic tweaking.  Dermal fillers; Botox and other wrinkle relaxers; lasers and plastic surgery are used not to turn back the clock, but to look (and, therefore, stay) "relevant".  The article by Roxanne Roberts, points out that, in politics, a person's age is part of the public record.  So, it's not about trying to fool anyone.  Really, we, at DVDG, never thought it was.   These services are about helping you to look like the vital, productive and effective person you are and making sure that your face does not appear to reflect negative emotions like, anger or sadness when those feelings aren't there.  People just want to be the best version of themselves at any age.  And that's something "relevant" to all of us.