The Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

Tired and embarrassed by unwanted hair? Find out whether laser treatment is the right approach.

Do you feel self-conscious about taking your shirt off at the beach because you have unwanted hair? Perhaps you are tired of having to laser hair removalshave or wax that bikini line and want an easy way to remove that unsightly and unnecessary hair. This is where our Wilmington, DE dermatologist, Dr. Michael Saruk, comes in. Discover the pros and cons to laser hair removal treatment.

What is laser hair removal?

This specialized laser uses heat energy to heat up strands of hair to kill the roots and follicles to stop it from producing new hair. It often takes multiple sessions to remove hair. While most hair will respond to treatment, thick dark hair tends to respond the best.

What are the benefits of getting laser hair removal in Wilmington, DE?

One major pro to getting laser hair removal is that it is faster than electrolysis and less time consuming. This means that you can get the results you want in a shorter span of time (we know you have a busy schedule; the less amount of time you can spend in our office the better for you!).

Laser hair removal is a safe way to remove hair when performed by a professional like our Wilmington skin doctor. It is also considered less painful than electrolysis or other ways of removing hair.

Those who go through laser hair removal treatment often experience long-lasting effects, meaning that hair won’t grow back. It’s also an effective method for removing hair from larger regions like your legs or back.

What are the drawbacks to treatment?

Currently, the FDA has only approved laser treatments for hair reduction and not hair removal. This means that some hair regrowth is possible even after treatment, but you will notice that the hair that does grow back will be much thinner and lighter.

There are some potential side effects to this treatment. After treatment, the skin may be red, swollen or itchy. Fortunately, these symptoms will only last for a couple days. And it’s rare to experience side effects like blistering, burning or an infection.

Those with dark hair will have the most success when it comes to their treatment and will find that they get better results than those with light hair since the purpose of the laser is to attack and kill the pigment in the hair.

While it might be difficult to imagine your beach body during the colder months, when you get laser hair removal in Wilmington, DE you’ll be happy to show off that body come springtime. Call Delaware Valley Dermatology Group today to find out if laser hair removal is right for you.