The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

If you have been looking to achieve smooth, hair-free skin, you need to explore the possibilities of GentleLase laser hair removal! Offeredlaser-hair-removal here at Delaware Valley Dermatology Group in Wilmington, DE, laser hair removal can help patients of all ages, skin types, and colors permanently eliminate the need to wax and shave their bodies—and, because your board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Michael Surak, and his team, supervise this highly sought-after treatment, you know it's effective and safe!


Oh, that unwanted hair!

Upper lip, cheeks, chest, back, underarms, bikini line, legs—they take so much maintenance and fuss to remain smooth and hair-free! Plus, some people's sensitive skin reacts to the irritation of shaving with razor bumps and even minor infections, not to mention redness, soreness, and more.

Would you like to feel and look your best without the hassle? Laser hair removal, performed right here in our beautiful and modern Wilmington office, could be just what you need. Comfortable, quick, and creating no down-time, this FDA-approved service is most effective for people with dark, stubborn, coarse hair. Sound too good to be true? Here's how it works...


The hair removal process

First, you will contact us to arrange a cosmetic consultation. Then Dr. Surak or one of his professional colleagues will visually examine your skin, and in particular, the areas which you wish to have treated. Also, they will review your health history and any current medications. If laser hair removal is right for you, you will be scheduled for several treatments, typically two to six staggered over a few months to accommodate the hair growth cycles.

During treatment, you will wear protective eyewear and receive a numbing cream on your skin. The laser itself applies short bursts of focused light which effectively inactivate the hair follicles. Patients describe a mild stinging sensation during the treatments—nothing serious or requiring a numbing agent. After the procedure, you may immediately return to your normal activities, although you may notice some mild redness and tenderness.

You will return to the office for additional treatments, but when you finally finish, you'll be hair-free for years. If some hair does grow back, it will be much finer and lighter in color.


Find out more

Change how you look and how you feel about yourself by achieving the= smoothest skin possible. Please contact our Delaware Valley Dermatology Group for more information and to book your consultation: (302) 478-8532.