Take the Dysport Challenge




 TAKE THE DYSPORT® CHALLENGE/ available in this area only at DVDG

Some Love Botox®.  Some Can't Get Enough of Dysport®.  

While Botox® is the better known of the two and is more widely used, a lot of people think Dysport® kicks in faster and lasts longer.  We are pleased to be able to provide either at the same cost.   Both are FDA- approved neuromodulators derived from the same biological protein, botulinum.  Galderma, the market leaders in dermatology care want to help you decide for yourself.  They hope you'll take the Dysport® Challenge.

They are so confident you will love your results, they will take $75.00 off your first treatment with Dysport and then pay you another $75.00 for either your second treatment with Dysport or treatment with Botox.  Whichever you choose the cost to you is the same.  Same cost.  Same discount.  Nothing to lose -- except, of course, your frown lines and crows feet. 


                                You Choose.