Sunday, September 16th, Miles For Melanoma 2012

 We had great weather for the Miles for Melanoma Walk/Run on Sunday. And while it was great to see a big turn-out, it was sort of horrifying to see all the teams of participants who were there to honor the memory o

f someone important to them who had lost their life to melanoma. So many of the dead had been young people. One of those being memorialized,"Michelle", had been just 22 at the time time of her death. Her roommate's mother shared her story and made it clear that this was someone who had never used a tanning booth, and avoided excessive sun exposure. It is a powerful reminder that we are all at risk, not just the old and the fair and the tanners, but the young and the dark-complected and the sun averse. Please do not forget to come in for your annual full-body skin check. It could save your life.