Please Do Not Forget Your Referral

Notice to our Patients :  Policy Change as of January 1, 2014
RE:   Health Insurance Referrals

It pains us to have to say this, but ...
Patients whose insurance plans require a referral must have that written referral (or a referral accessible through the Navinet Computer System) with them when they arrive for a scheduled appointment.  Otherwise, we must ask you to reschedule.

The recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act, has increased the numbers of our patients requiring referrals to see our providers.  As an unfortunate result,  patients who arrive without a referral can no longer be seen on a contingency basis.    This comes as a disappointment to us, as well, as it is uncomfortable and unpleasant to have to turn anyone away at our window, but chasing referrals at the last minute is time-consuming and causes undue delays and consequently patient wait times.  As a result, if you are among the many whose policies require a referral, you must either have it in-hand when you arrive for your scheduled appointment, or it must be accessible through the national on-line referral  system, Navinet,  that your PCP (primary care provider) is responsible for generating.    Otherwise, we have no choice but to ask you to reschedule.