Not Everything is a Pre-cancerous Lesion

Unfortunately, over the years many people have been told  by poorly informed, non-dermatologist, healthcare providers (or, in my case, by an unethical dermatologist) that every mole or funky-looking lesion needs to be removed because it is pre-cancerous. This simply isn't the case. 
In our office, it is common practice to photograph lesions and ask patients to come back periodically so that we can make sure there have been no dangerous changes.  Sometimes a mole is just a mole and there are a host of other kinds of lesions that may be prominent or unsightly, but are completely benign.  You may, of course, choose to have something removed for any number of reasons. Just know that good care does not mean getting everything cut-out and biopsied.  We  have seen patients covered in scars from excisions that may not have been necessary.  That's a shame and not something we would want to do to someone who has put their trust in us