Introducing Procell Microchanneling -- Microneedling EVOLVED!

Delaware Valley Dermatology Group is now pleased to offer Procell Therapies Microchanneling with peptides, growth factors and stem cytokines

Get ready for a fresh-faced start to 2021 with our new microchanneling procedure. No anesthetics needed, no downtime. Visible results start to appear right away growth factors and stem cytokines MicroChanneling is microneedling… EVOLVED!

It has become one of the most sought-after and talked about treatments in aesthetic skincare. 

Microchanneling creates tiny perforations in the skin that initiate a natural healing response. These perforations cause a healing cascade that produces new collagen and elastin resulting in firmer, healthier skin. 

In the last few years, Microchanneling has made a huge splash because of how effective it is and how quickly it works.  With as few as one treatment, Microchanneling has been shown to improve the quality of the skin. A series of treatments will improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, age-spots/sunspots, laxity and stretch marks.  And it also may stimulate hair regrowth for balding men and women!


As part of our launch of Procell Therapies Microchanneling, DVDG is offering a very special introductory rate of $195.00 (regularly $325.00) for your first treatment. Buy a package of five during the introductory period and you'll pay just $150.00 for each procedure.  This pricing is available for a limited time only.


Come in for a free consultation or call us at 302-478-8532 for more information about this exciting new procedure!



Louise Link Saruk
Chief Operating Officer
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