Here's one reason we love Jane Iredale skin care Makeup's Powder Me SPF

Powder-Me SPF- 30: is one of the products we have available in our office, because keeping your skin healthy and lovely is what our Continuum of Care™ is all about.

Ever been perfectly made-up and find yourself unexpectedly in the sun wearing less SPF than you need?  Or, gee, its been awhile and it's time to re-apply?  Happens to us all the time.   You don't want to wash your face to apply sunscreen.   
And those sprays get in your eyes and ruin your look.   All you really need is a light dusting of something protective.  If only someone would invent something, you think....  Well Iredale, as usual, has --- and they call it, Powder-Me SPF 30.
Powder Me SPF Translucent Chemical-free and very water resistant; it is effective immediately because it is a physical sun block, not a chemical one;  even kids love it because there is no icky greasy feel; it contains clay that actually calms and nourishes the skin while the Titanium Dioxide protects...

Does it really work?  Well, here's a page from a user's blog:

... a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s the proof: one day last spring, my friend went out to work in the vegetable garden. It was hot and he took off his shirt. My Powder-Me SPF was on the porch, but I had never explained to him how to use it. So he just tapped it all over his back without blending. Here’s what happened:

Natural sunscreen works