December Update

December 2011

Oh my gosh!  Did we ever have a great time at our Aesthetic Services Open House.  It was so nice of folks to actually thank me for inviting them.  No need. I had a really wonderful evening too.  The food was fabulous thanks to Food For Thought Caterers and everyone loved all the raffles and prizes.  Went off without a hitch except there was no music.  I don't know about you, but I don't think it's really a party without music.  Actually, we did have music, but the providers said they had some difficulty hearing our guest's questions with the music on.  Seems we had a technical difficulty and couldn't turn it down enough to be the great background music we had intended.  Well, you know, not being able to hear our guests/patients is anathema around here.  We're all about listening and being responsive.  So, we had to manage without.  But no one seemed to care, except me.  And, well, I don't count. 

What does matter is that everyone had the the questions answered and left here knowing a great deal more than when they came in.  We raffled off a VI-Peel to one lucky guest, and boy, was she happy about that.  Ladies had their faces made-up, booked their pre-holiday appointments at great rates and went out of here looking like a million bucks.  The wine flowed and so did the laughter.  Just a great night.  If you missed it, don't worry.  We will plan another.  I am thinking, perhaps, the middle of March, but don't hold me to the time just yet. 

On another subject:  We are getting ready to launch our Facebook page, So you can check back here and I'll let you know when i'ts up.  As always, I have lots to say and share with you from Dr. Saruk and Ms. Fitzpatrick.  Can't wait to get started.

And finally announcing LaViv®,  we are pleased to let you know that DVDG is the only practice in Delaware certified to provide LaViv, the first-ever FDA-approved technique for growing your own collagen-producing cells to fill those deep parentheses (the nasolabial folds) that develop as we get older and that make us look so tired.  Up till now Juvederm® had always done the trick beautifully -- and still does --but now those who are uncomfortable injecting something into their faces can relax and look fresher as the only thing going into your body is your very own cells.  Neat trick, huh,  We think so.  We'll be happy to tell you all about it. 

That's it for now. Until next time... Be well. Look Good.