Consumer Reports Rates Sunscreens for 2018


I think it is always interesting to read what "Consumer Reports" has to say. To be honest, I have a sunscreen "wardrobe". I choose daily from among six or seven products. Different locales and activities call for varying types of protection. My personal concerns about chemical sunscreens are limited to environmental ones. We now know they are toxic to coral reefs. Fortunately, I am a person and not a coral -- and, anyway, coral isn't so much an issue here in the mid-Atlantic region. So, I do use chemical sunscreens from time-to-time. Just the same, when swimming in the ocean I reach for UPF rash guards and leggings. My advice: just use sun protection consistently and choose whatever you find to be effective and, with which, you are psychologically comfortable. When in doubt, follow my lead and opt for sun protective clothing (UPF 50 or higher). These are widely available online. Also, don't forget the hat and sunglasses. You'll be fine and so will the coral.