Beginners Guide To Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hair

Laser Hair Removal IamgeBoth men and women can suffer from unsightly and unwanted hair. While we may not want to talk about it or mention it around friends, it’s still a problem that many people deal with. Before it starts affecting your wardrobe take some time to consider how getting laser hair removal in Wilmington could help you get the body you want. Even though summer may feel far away, it’s never too early to prepare. Here is what makes laser hair removal a wonderful option for those looking to get rid of pesky hair once and for all.

1. It’s precise!

The great thing about using laser therapy is that it can target and zap those dark, unwanted hairs without affecting the surrounding skin. Plus, since it is only meant to treat unwanted hair the laser will not penetrate the deeper levels of the skin. The procedure is completely safe!

2. It’s fast!

The laser’s pulsing action is fast! Each pulse happens at a fraction of a second and we can also treat many hairs at once. Each treatment area is about the size of a quarter and can be successfully treated in a second. Depending on the location of your hair removal, some procedures only take a couple minutes while others may take up to an hour.

3. It’s effective!

While you will certainly notice a difference after just one treatment, the majority of patients will need multiple laser hair removal treatments to get the desired result. On average, about 90 percent of people will experience permanent hair loss after three to five treatment sessions.

What to Expect

Before getting laser hair removal you’ll want to stop waxing or shaving for about six weeks beforehand so that we have hair roots to target. We will adjust the equipment to best fit your needs and provide you with the most effective hair removal. When we first start, will administer a pulse of light to the area and watch for any negative reactions before continuing. If your skin is responding well, we will continue with the treatment. Once your session is over, we may give you ice packs to help reduce redness.

Scheduling Laser Hair Removal

We recommend scheduling your next treatment about four to six weeks later to allow the hair to grow back in before retreating the area. If you’re interested in getting laser hair removal in Wilmington and want to find out more, call our office today so we can schedule your next appointment.