Are Counterfeit Aesthetic Products a Real Thing? You bet they are.

As everyone knows, you get what you pay for: 
Every now and again, I receive a solicitation to buy products like Botox® and Restylane® from an outside vendor (not the manufacturer). I find it shocking because, clearly,  somebody must be doing business with these people or they wouldn't exist. Lord knows where these products come from, or what these products reallyare.  Rest assured, it will never be us. We obtain all of our aesthetic products directly from the manufacturer ... always. Feel free to ask to see the identifiers on the packaging when you're receiving treatment in our office. Outlet or discount sources for these products are suspect of being, expired, pirated, fake, or otherwise, fraudulent. It's your face and your health. Don't be fooled.  Here's an actual solicitation that landed on my desk.

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