A Few Words About Cosmetic Injectables

As we completed our advanced training with the newly introduced HA dermal filler, VOLUMA™, we were reminded that using injectables well takes not just product knowledge, but, also, a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, how the face ages, and, just as importantly, artistry.   Achieving the result you want is in the eye of your provider, and of course, in the communication established between the two of you.  Together, you and your clinician are quite literally sculpting your face.  A drop of Botox® here, a few additional cc's of filler there and you are transformed.  That's a good thing.  It's what you want, but it is also something worth seriously considering.   Injectables are an investment in your self confidence and notably change your appearance.  Choosing the right provider is key to your safety and satisfaction. When you find an expert injector who understands the look you are after, and achieves it for you, regular, timely touch-ups with the same skilled provider will enable you to maintain the look you love in the most economical way.  

And speaking of expert injectors; not everyone with a license to wield a syringe is qualified to alter your appearance.  That is why we are proud to announce our membership in the professional organization, ExpertInjector™.  
     To learn more about the organization and the qualifications that earned us membership go to:http://www.expertinjector.org/about/.  
  Be Well.  Look Great!