I actually got a call the other day from someone wanting to sell me pirated Botox®.  Now, I knew someone had to be doing business with those people, but I also knew it was never going to be us.  I said, "No, thank you.", of course.    

Pirated Botox® and other injectables is a bigger problem than you might imagine.  Not long ago Allergan, the makers of Botox®, took more steps to protect healthcare providers and their patients from product that might not be authentic, or may have lost potency.  Here is their communication regarding those steps.    

Many patients will not require an entire 100 unit vial of Botox® so, the carton containing the vial we are drawing from may be unsealed, but we are still happy to let you see the markings on the carton and the label.  Don't be shy about asking.  We want you to know that we would never allow you to receive anything other than the real deal.    

Something else you should know: Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program is another layer of protection for you.  Brilliant Distinctions is only available in offices buying product directly from Allergan. In addition, your rewards points cannot be awarded without identifying the lot # on the vial from which your dose was drawn.  If you are getting rewards points, you know its OK.