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FULL-FACE Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction with INFINI®

FULL-FACE Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction with INFINI® - beforeOur patient, S.F, before treatment with Infini

FULL-FACE Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction with INFINI® - afterHere she is six months and two treatments later. She's looking forward to her next treatment.


  Look at the incredible restoration of volume.  She will look even better in 2-3 weeks when the localized swelling subsides. 

MID-FACE with VOLUMA® - beforeBefore

   MID-FACE with VOLUMA® - after     MID-FACE with VOLUMA® - after

And 24 hours later

This patient recieved Juvederm Voluma XC over her cheek bones, Juvederm Plus XC in the lines around her mouth and jowls, and Juvederm XC below her eyes in the tear troughs, and a little into her lips. 

Another VOLUMA XC patient

MID-FACE with VOLUMA® - before      MID-FACE with VOLUMA® - after
Before                                      After

MID-FACE with VOLUMA® - before      MID-FACE with VOLUMA® - after
Before                                    After

This patient was treated with both VOLUMA and Juvederm.  The effect is subtle, but the improvement is significant.


Raquel Valdez, BS, RN injected this patient who enjoys  fantastic results:  She is shown 2 weeks post-procedure.

Before                                                           After

JUVEDERM® - before   JUVEDERM® - after

Also, here's a patient who chose to be injected sparingly with Juvederm in her chin and in the "bags" under her eyes:

JUVEDERM® - before   JUVEDERM® - after

Before and Immediately After


This is a patient who had a ten year-old scar that really bothered her.  Look at the improvement achieved in just one visit using a dermal filler.The patient was delighted.

  SCARS - before  SCARS - after

Before and After


JUVEDERM® - before    JUVEDERM® - after

Before                                                                                                                            and After

This patient was treated with Restylane®


                                       JUVEDERM® - before   JUVEDERM® - after
                                                                                          Before                                                                 After
                                        The patient above was treated with Juvederm in the deep fissures
                                             at the corners of the mouth, and also, with Restylane in the lips.